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Artist Biography

Keva Richardson was raised in a small town in the Texas Panhandle.  She graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Education, specializing in art and languages.  Following graduation she settled in Austin, TX  and obtained a Masters in Educational Psychology from Texas State University.


Keva’s interest in art began at an early age and followed her to college where she worked as a painter at a container store while working on her degree.  After moving to Austin, she began taking formal art classes from the University of Texas, The Art School at Laguna Gloria, and St. Edwards University.  She also studied intensively with notable local artists, Mary Jo Harding and Jerry Seagle. She began her professional career as an artist in 2005.


Keva’s art is strongly influenced by the land, sky, and flat plains of her youth where space, vastness, and the vertical and horizontal perspective is emphasized. She generally relies on memories and emotions to create her work which may be rendered abstractly or realistically depending on the thought and experience she wishes to share.  Much of her subject matter comes from road trips across Texas and New Mexico, and from childhood experiences of traveling from one small Texas town to another visiting family farms and relatives. Keva’s works are full of wanderlust and a sophisticated understanding of color, they suggest rhythm and movement, and the passage of time.

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