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Beth McLaughlin and Slate Gray Gallery:

Where Art Rhymes with Heart


The name Slate Gray and its origin?

“Well, Gray is my sister’s married name, and Slate relates to mountains, which I love. I liked the way these two words came together,” explains Beth McLaughlin, founder and owner of Slate Gray Gallery, located in Telluride, Colorado and formerly Kerrville, Texas, where the gallery was originally founded. Beth likes to keep things simple and direct, and she always marches to the beat of her own drum towards a positive outcome. A Great Dane is posted on guard duty outside the gallery, paws crossed with aplomb. In Telluride, a mountain town that has long since gone to the dogs (in a good way), the Great Dane is a major draw for photo ops. He and his companion have become the galleries’ mascots and are not for sale.

What is for sale is the work on the walls, shelves, and floors including; paintings, sculpture, photography, and assemblage art, in addition to artisan jewelry and luxury lifestyle accessories. What else that’s for sale is heart stuff. The gallery's mission has an emphasis on engaging and promoting the work of local and regional artists alongside international names so all represented artists, around 40 total, can continue to establish their careers as fine artists.

What’s more, profits made from artwork sales at Slate Gray goes right back out the door and into the community to support arts-based nonprofits. Beth sits on the board of the Ah Haa School for the Arts and is active on the Development Committee of Telluride Arts District. Her overall support for the artists and creative community of Telluride is amplified by funds from the McLaughlin Doty Foundation.