In her multi-decade career, Bette Ridgeway has exhibited her work globally with over 80 museums, universities and galleries, including: London Art Biennale Swiss Art Expo; SBB Eventhall Zürich Main Station; Ventana Fine Art; Palais Royale; Women's Essence/concomitant exhibition at 58th Venice Biennale; Embassy of Madagascar; Slate Gray Gallery; and Shaw Gallery. Ridgeway’s work is in numerous private collections, as well as permanent public placements at the Mayo Clinic, The Boro

Building and the Federal Reserve Bank.


Prestigious awards include Michelangelo International Prize, Leonardo DaVinci Prize, Sandro Botticelli Prize and the Top 60 Contemporary Masters. Her work is featured in many publications, including: 100 Artists of the Southwest; Masters of Today; International Contemporary Masters; 100 Famous Contemporary Artists; ArtifactNYC; 805 Lit + Art; Art Hole, Peripheral ARTeries; ArteryNYC; and Art International Magazine. Italian art critic Salvatore Russo recently wrote an essay on Ridgeway entitled “The True Heir of Paul Jenkins.” Ridgeway has penned several publications about art and process.