Dana Flores is a native Californian sculptural artist currently based in Los Angeles.

She started out with a career in the entertainment industry and found herself living

in Japan during the mid-1980s. Her early influences originated through her travels

there; she was attracted to the ceramics she'd see in restaurants, temples,

residences, and museums, and started thinking seriously about clay.


After returning home to California, Flores got her start in the ceramic arts at The

Potter's Studio in Los Angeles in 1991. She was hooked from that point on and would

often work in the studio until well after midnight. In the mid-90s, she decided to

travel through Central and South America where she was influenced by both nature

and history, from volcanoes and jungles to Mayan temples with ancient carvings

and rough stoneware. Even the dainty and delicate gifts that she found in nature

during her travels, such as rocks, shells, flowers, and seedpods, have stayed in her

heart and psyche and are channeled in the creations of her work to this day.


Her love of the desert and its silence inspired Flores to retreat to Joshua Tree, a

place where she goes for creative rejuvenation. The time she has spent there during the last few years has reawakened her passion for sculptural ceramics. Her

experience over the last 18 years of being a chef, a business owner, and a mother to

three children has been instrumental in the detail, shape, and movement of her

pieces today. The works Flores makes are fluid yet rustic and raw in form. She likes

to think of them as items someone might take home with them to remember a

point in their journey.


Flores has taken many paths in her life, but she always returns to clay. It has saved

her from times of significant grief and sadness by summoning her into great joy

through focus. It keeps her sane and grounds her in a way that allows her to give

back to those she loves and those she has never met.