Hutchison draws inspiration from her surrounding area. The scenic

wilderness of the San Juans has enchanted her for over 15 years.

Hutchison and her husband built their Telluride home from a

refurbished barn dating back to the turn of the century. Here

they are surrounded by amazing scenery and wildlife. Julee paints

many portraits of animals in an attempt to capture their loving

spirits. She frequently paints and photographs the ranch animals

that graze on their property during the summer months.


She paints plein-aire life studies using the temperature of the

present natural light and combines figures seamlessly within the

landscape. In addition to animals and landscapes, Julee also

enjoys painting still lifes and the human figure. Painting from life

is an important facet of her work, and as artistically inspiring as

plein air painting.


Many of the æsthetic choices she makes reflect her

decades-long career in graphic design. “I think [that career] gave me an edge on designing a good painting.”