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Artist Biography

Beatrice S. Villiger-Rimli was born in Zurich, Switzerland. With her husband, Robert, and their twin children Pascal and Caroline, she lived in Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, England and Africa, and eventually settled in the USA. She currently pursues her interests in sculpture in Ridgway, Colorado as well as The Woodlands, Texas.


Artist Statement

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity”. Alberto Giacometti

Living and learning among other cultures have exposed me to many inspiring art forms from classical, contemporary to indigenous and influenced my process of creativity leading from marionettes to ceramics, to hand-thrown pottery and eventually to my passion of creating bronze figure sculptures.

To cast a few selective bronze pieces in a limited edition, my purpose of creating is to concentrate solely on expressive gestures and pureness and have simplicity ultimately speak for itself. When this challenge is met and a human shape has risen from that fleeting deep emotion, the finished piece gives me a sense of triumph and joy.