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Artist Biography

The unique sculptures that Ben Kapp creates are multimedia compositions of metal, wood, resin, and light. Kapp’s forms are an interplay of inspiration from the natural world, physics, geometry, energy, and patterns. He fuses these elements together and gives each piece a dynamic life of its own through the utilization of LED light fixtures. Each fixture is complimented by a shifting color sequence or the option to to do single fixed colors.

“Structures upon their own can have many purposes. Often it is space, place, and time that define the characteristics of a creative work. Each of these aspects are indeed fundamental to the understanding of a piece; however, as a form exists within a space, it is light that gives us a sense of context.” - Ben Kapp

Born in the White Mountains of Show Low, Arizona, and raised near Snow- flake, Arizona, Ben Kapp grew up surrounded by the stark beauty of the desert. In that context, the artist credits his father and mother as his muses, as the people who helped shaped his creative vision:

“My father worked in construction. He gave me a mind for figuring out how to build and problem solve. My mother worked as a teacher. She instilled a deep appreciation for the mysteries of the universe, science, and color. Using bright light to illuminate a piece seemed to lend a sense of life to something that might otherwise be viewed as a mass of inert materials.”