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Artist Biography

As a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on the human form, my artwork is imaginative and very personal to me. I strive to create art that incorporates materials in their natural state. I’m always on the look-out for organic matter, such as wood, feathers, or metal, as components for paintings or elements in a sculpture. I enhance, transform, and preserve the natural beauty of the materials I use. 
I’ve come to realize that my work has been inspired by two questions I have been asked my entire life, “What are you?” and “Where are you from?”. The curiosity of those questions asked by strangers implies that my appearance is different, that I am different. My personal search to find the answers to these questions, and to my own question of “who am I?”  is the thread that ties all of my work together.  

My hands form the vessel that allows me to transfer my unique qualities and visions into the stories and subjects conveyed in my paintings and ceramic sculptures. I enhance, transform, and preserve the natural beauty of these stories and subjects.  I strive to create work that has a contemporary, calming vibe, yet conveys power and strength.

In my recent body of work titled “1,000 Miles”, is a reflection on the question “Who am I?  The view of the figures is intended to convey embarkation  on an unknown ethereal journey.  I am a human on a journey.  We are all on a journey. I hope my work conveys calming peace and strength needed for daily journeys while eliciting the viewer to ask a subsequent question, “Who am I?”.