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Artist Biography
Maura starts each piece breaking a cardinal rule—she looks directly into the sun. With details obscured, a strong silhouette provides inspiration–a starting point. Her signature style builds on 35+ years as a black and white photographer and two decades as a painter. Wood, steel and glass are her surfaces.Fifth in a family of eight, Maura grew up in Northern California. Today, Denver and the Rockies are home and ranches, rodeos, vintage Main Street provide a rich, creative stage.


With her big family heritage, she’s drawn to ranch families and how traditions are passed from one generation to the next. But it’s not an homage to the past or a specific locale that inspires her—it’s the spirit of possibility and individuality, the allure of the American West.


Maura’s work is included in museum, corporate and private collections nationwide including the Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Pearce Museum, Ritz-Carlton, Yellowstone Club, Inverness Hotel, Hilton Hotels and others. Her painting “Belvidere” was selected as the official Cheyenne Frontier Days 2016 poster image, marking the first in the rodeo’s 120-year history that a cowgirl will be featured. Her work has been showcased in a mix of top art publications, including a SouthwestArt Magazine cover feature in 2014.