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Artist Biography 
Meg Stone is a visual artist who lives in and works in New Orleans. She began drawing at the age of six, and continued to draw throughout her young life. After delving into the medium of ceramics for many years, followed closely by a study of the master works in Italy, she returned to drawings, focusing on figure studies and exploring linear schematics and structure.

She began frequent trips into the forest at dusk to observe the lines and patterns created by the trees in attempts to break out of her study of anatomical design and realism. This exercise inspired a series of drawings in which she began to weave the patterns and shadows into trance-like webs. As the drawings progressed, she found that she could employ architectural elements to create three dimensional spaces, anchoring multiple layers of information. Meg continues to explore this way of working, introducing various elements as her work evolves subconsciously. Her creations today are primarily large format drawings and oil paintings.