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Artist Biography

Niki Woehler’s paintings have been featured exhibitions in galleries and showrooms in Arizona, and her art can be found in private collections all over the USA and Canada. Top-tier interior designers integrate her work into their contemporary designs. Woehler is also contracted with several top art consultants throughout the United States.

Woehler grew up in Toronto, Canada, and has lived in Phoenix since 1994. She studied broadcasting and marketing at Sheridan College, and spent almost 25 years in the industry, including founding and running a boutique ad agency for more than a decade.  In 2012, Niki made the decision to follow her passion and devote herself to painting full time.  She hasn’t looked back since.

“Lines, layers and textures invade smooth facades, exchanging surface beauty for depth, character, strength and wisdom.  My paintings are inspired by objects ravaged by nature and the participating elements, including; water, wind, earth or fire.  To me, the longer something stands the tests of time, the more interesting it becomes.  I am drawn to the details of the imperfect, needing to tell its story:  A tree on fire – literally or figuratively; a perspective magnified or obscured by rain; a piece of wood that’s been weathered; eroded rocks, and metal rusted and etched.”
-Niki Woehler



'Beauty Discovered' in Images Arizona | May 2018

Modern Luxury Scottsdale | December 2018