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Rouse’s current work focuses on creative and unique assemblages. Each creation is an integrated composition blending nineteen twenty first century artifacts (elements).

Many hours are spent collecting and preparing carefully selected vintage componentry from a myriad of sources such as, clocks, phonographs, projectors, medical quackery devices, aviation, and automotive dash gauges, among many other sources.

THE STEAMPUNK GUITAR SERIES features relatively contemporary electric guitar and bass bodies and necks (Fender, Silvertone, etc.) reconstructed from flea-market “bone-piles”, supplemented with nineteenth and twentieth century (machine-age) componentry. Approximately fifty hours build time lie behind each guitar. Select guitars feature a back lighted (LED) focal area to enhance presentation.

The University of Texas at Austin (BS Art Education)
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (MS Counseling Psychology) Western State College Gunnison, CO
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


It is with great passion and pleasure that I seek to create highly imaginative and thought-provoking artwork. We are all surrounded by endless “cast-aways” from bygone eras awaiting discovery and integration into new creations.