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Artist Biography

Tom's interest for art started before he hit his teens. He started the path into photography with his parent's Argus C2 35mm camera and his father's darkroom equipment. Other things consumed his life, and he only dabbled in photography for many years. In the past several years, he found himself more and more drawn to photography and film-making as the best means to express his creative urges.


"My long and winding road has shown me that you can't know how something works until you get in up to your neck; that no matter what your eyes tell you, you're going to be suprised, and that trust opens doors you weren't sure could ever be opened. I guess my life and my art are most closely akin to rock climbing, another one of my pasttime passions. Climbing is intimate contact. You can't know the cliff until you get on it, trust the next hand hold, regroup and rethink your moves, see and appreciate the stony face from every conceivable angle. And when you're done, look at it a different way. See if there's another approach to scaling it. And always be open to surprises."