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Designer Bio
Kate always keenly sensed the world around her, but as she matured she recognized her sense manifesting as an intrinsic emotional response to the way the world & design FEELS.  Through her work, Kate stirs your senses and gives you the opportunity to express your true self.  Innovation and application are just as important to her as is the technical skill necessary to the creative process. Her inspirations range from architecture and stone encountered during her travels, to the curves of a root winding across the path in the mountains - or the shape of a vein through skin.

While finishing a degree in apparel design and production, Kate had the good fortune of taking a metals class.  Being in the space lit a spark! When she returned to school to pursue a degree in Interior/Industrial design, the ember continued to burn. Shortly thereafter, Kate found herself packing up for a move to Oregon to work for a jeweler.  It was in metals that she felt as if she had found her language, the one she’d been searching for to communicate with the world. Oregon faded in the background as San Francisco and The Revere Academy appeared in the windshield. This time, to learn a greater understanding of the traditional skills of a jeweler.