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Elisheva & Constance

Elisheva + Constance is a jewelry brand founded in 2014 by architect Bárbara López Vie. The initial idea was born in early 2010 in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico where the jewelry brand was founded and still exists. Since Barbara was a child, she was very attracted to the world of art, fashion and design. After studying architecture and building a career in that industry, she moved to San Miguel de Allende, and changed course with a new dream and love for jewelry.


The pieces of this collection are the reflection of the designer’s passion to create high quality, handmade pieces, each with their own personality. Barbara uses a fusion of materials and textures, such as bronze, silver, gold, crystal, natural and semiprecious stones. Elisheva + Constance is a sophisticated and contemporary style combined with the trend of the moment, blending the bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere of San Miguel de Allenda.


Elisheva + Constance is now represented in several destinations in Mexico, including Monterrey, Mérida, Los Cabos, Queretaro, and León. In the United States, it is represented in Dallas, New York, and Telluride, CO.