Mi Tequila


Tequila and Lime
Handmade Bronze Art
**Available through Kerrville, TX location**

Brand: Manuel Ferreiro
Quantity: 1

Manuel Ferreiro is an interdisciplinary group integrated by designers, specialists in international business, and bronze casting artisans dedicated to promote Mexican artistic and handcraft quality, through the creation and manufacturing of bronze art-object.

Besides its aesthetic qualities, each work has been conferred a carefully chosen title with a poetic sense, which originates a short and simple text that tells the reasons, memoires, experiences, evocations or anecdotes which inspired it. The intention of both, the piece and the brief story, is to provoke enjoyable emotions in the spectator to recall their own, and consequently to engage emotionally with the author. By achieving to cause in the observer either admiration, interest or at least to make him or her smile, we would consider our mission accomplished.