Art Walk: Tamara Ruiz | October 2017

Featured artist, Tamara Ruiz, on October 6th, 2017

Getting to know Tamara Ruiz

Why do you do what you do?
Tamara: "I love to combine vintage ephemera and photos with the modern aspects of paint, surface design and even imagery of the graffiti on trains that pass by our farm. I'm able to write my own story, or interpretation, of the vintage photo with the composition and design choices I make. I layer paper and paint; distress with sandpaper; and allow the layers of the collage process to show. The juxtaposition of vintage imagery, combined with paint and design choices, give my work a contemporary twist.

Photos are kept on phones and computers today, and emails have replaced handwritten letters. I will continue to add photos to my collection and make collages to give a story and second life to these vintage images;  it's what I love to do."