Oxidized SS Primitive Cuff with 18K Studs, Garnets, and Diamonds


Our primitive collection is a contemporary mix of hand forged, oxidized silver embellished with solid 18k gold details. This bracelet is made of oxidized sterling silver featuring 18K gold studs, bezel set garnets, and diamonds.
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The bracelet design itself is a replica of an ancient African currency bracelet - just one of a variety of metal objects used in traditional Africa to trade and store wealth. These pieces might be used for major purchases (of land or animals) or to signify a transfer of wealth at major events, such as birth, coming of age, marriage, or death. The most frequent use was as bridewealth, to compensate a family for the loss of a daughter. Most forms were developed from traditional metal objects that were already in use such as weapons, tools, bracelets and anklets.