In Your Element | Kathryn Tatum & Martha Rea Baker

January 7 - February 3, Telluride, CO

Slate Gray presents In Your Element for January Art Walk, an exhibition featuring Kathryn Tatum and Martha Rea Baker and their latest bodies of work. Tatum, a local to Telluride and Taos, NM, explores and compounds her adoration for the San Juan Mountains in her latest series featuring backcountry shoots and extreme terrain seen from Telluride Ski Resort. “I have always been humbled by the extreme above tree line landscape surrounding the Telluride Ski area and never really knew how to capture its respectable beauty until now.” Tatum’s works combine acrylic paint, interference paint, charcoal, and rice paper on canvas in an unprecedented application of the mediums.

Baker’s works are similarly influenced by nature, citing the home of her studio, Santa Fe, and the beauty of the surrounding elements as direct inspiration and solace during a challenging year. This beauty brought her deeper into her element, creating a body of abstract expressionist work intricately layered and encompassed with warmth and vibrancy of color. Martha has also added the process of mixing gamblin cold wax medium with oil paint to achieve a rich textural surface. This mixture has proven excellent for expressing the passage of time and its effects on our environment. Join us for the opening reception on Thursday, January 7th with social distancing measures, masks required, and a limited capacity.