True West | Felice House

July 1st - August 2nd, 2021 | Telluride, CO

Slate Gray presents True West by Felice House for July Art Walk. Felice House is an Austin, Texas based painter and Associate Professor of the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University. Carrying her study of human nature and the Western genre through art in a new direction, House has created iconic landscape paintings of West Texas. She seeks to inspire awe in the viewer and remind her audience of their role as stewards of the land.Taking her lead from the Group of Seven Canadian landscape artists and those affiliated with them, specifically Tom Thompson, House’s paintings use the idea of heightening the neutral colors and expansive space of the desert landscape to draw the viewer into the contemplative space of her work. By using broken brush marks, she captures the ever-changing light that dances across mesas, rocks, and desert plants, thus providing a fertile ground for visual and spiritual exploration.

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