Martha (Squared) | The Nature of Women

May 21 - June 1st, Kerrville, TX

Slate Gray Kerrville presents 'Martha (Squared), The Nature of Women' from May 21st - June 1st, featuring the works of Martha Mans and Martha Rea Baker. For both artists, the outdoors is a place of spiritual revery. Their paintings, however, do not tremble with religositiy. Rather, they speak volumes about the complex nature of art about Nature in a very quiet, but very direct way: some of the images in the show at Slate Gray Kerrville are serene; others, more introspective; but all powerful statements about the disparate talents of the two featured artists.

Whether you are drawn to the non-objective work of Martha Rea Baker or the realism of Martha Mans – or both – what the two women share is a unique ability to luxuriate in and celebrate everyday surroundings in ways that trigger a wide range of emotional responses that can change with a viewer’s mood like the weather. The result is an addictive read of the region of their choice written in glorious colors and textures.

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