February Art Walk | Affiliated Works by Tommy White

February 3 - March 3, Telluride, CO

Slate Gray Gallery is featuring Affiliated Works by Tommy White for February Art Walk, an exhibition premiering paintings by Denver-based artist Tommy White from various concentrations throughout his career. White, born in Detroit, received his M.F.A. from Clemson University in the discipline of painting, and after working in higher education for nearly two decades, Tommy refocused his attention to his professional practice. White’s paintings, although spanning different bodies of works, are tied together by his exuberant abstractions, composed of diverse forms and psychically charged imagery. On the surface level, his works resonate of childlike drawings with a faint likeness to outsider art and folk traditions, but as the works pull you in deeper with their subtleties of color and visual activity, a deeper story unfolds. A play in the psyche dancing against the ornate textures and bold colors unravels. It’s an invigorating and enigmatic experience, pulling the senses of the viewer into a dance with the work, sometimes literally leaning as a physiological response.
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