March & April Art Walk | Women of the Faraway

March 4 - April 4, Telluride, CO

Slate Gray presents ‘Women of the Faraway,’ for the last art walk of the winter season, opening March 5th from 5-8pm. In homage to Georgia O’Keeffe’s trailblazing impact and her love for “The Faraway,” a romantic term O'Keeffe used for Northern New Mexico, Slate Gray is featuring a group show of women artists from New Mexico.

Intricately beaded skulls by Ali Launer, the lyrical abstract paintings of Bette Ridgeway, and Alexandra Eldridge’s photo-based paintings exploring the subconscious. Martha Rea Baker’s richly textured paintings, Kathryn Tatum’s mountain abstracts and Telluride landscapes on rice paper, and last but not least, Amy Van Winkle’s encaustics embedded with depth and metaphors of her inner landscape.

Through this exhibition, we want to recognize the contributions of contemporary women in the arts from New Mexico; women who interpret the beauty and mystery of the Northern New Mexico landscape through a variety of viewpoints, styles, and media, paying direct homage to the landscape through styles and media or simply absorbing the beauty and diffusing the inspiration into nonrepresentional works.

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