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Artist Biography

Alexandra Eldridge is a contemporary painter who wrestles beauty out of chaos and evokes a compelling spiritual landscape. Her elegant and elegiac work has been praised as symbolist, absurdist, abstract, transcendent, humble.

The earth and sky meet, the flower is forced through the crack in the wall of consciousness. A modern eye will understand her homage to and influence by William Blake, but also see kinship with Clemente, Kiefer, and Raw Art. Delicacy and fortitude give devotional intention to the intrigue of these ritualized paintings. The chroma is passion, mystery, and the gossamer between consciousness and desire.
She works in a private cosmology that is primal and useful as any Jungian dream code. Alexandra Eldridge paints in the tradition of mystics, ecstatics, penitents, lovers and martyrs. Her commitment to art is inspired by Blake, but drawn through her personal quest, the emotional landscape of loss and love, the ordinary marvels as rapturous as daily breads.

For many years Alexandra lived in an art community in Athens, Ohio, inspired by the visionary principals of William Blake. In 1986, she moved to Santa Fe, NM, where she continues her lyric conversation with the soul through painting.

Alexandra Eldridge had thirty-five solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows throughout the United States and abroad. Alexandra has been commissioned to paint a mural at the Place de Vosges, Paris, and her work has been used on covers of eight books of poetry. Traveling, as an important part of her inspiration, has taken her to Artist Residencies on the Island of Elba, Italy and the Valparaiso Foundation in Almeria, Spain.

Art News, New American Painting, and One Hundred Painters of the Southwest are just a few of the publications Alexandra has been featured in.