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Artist Biography

Carol was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin.  She currently lives in Kerrville, Texas, where she has been since 1998.

Carol paints with acrylic and pastels, and she watercolors an annual 5x7 calendar featuring a different theme each year.  Art, gardening, family and friends are her life.  She is inspired by God's creations, whether it be animals, plants, insects, sunsets. "He is truly the master artist."

Carol’s works are personal as she puts a small part of herself in each painting.  It is very gratifying to her to finish a painting and to have captured the essence of what inspired her.  She prefers to paint to music at night when things are quiet and still.  She tries to
always have something on which to work.


Southwest Art | Carol Arnold | March/April 2019

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