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Artist Statement.

The Timeless Way. "It is a process which brings order out of cannot be attained, but will happen of its own accord, if we will only let it. To seek the timeless way we must first know the quality without a name."  
-Christopher Alexander, The Timeless Way of Building.

It’s a search for and a journey towards this timeless quality, this quality without a name that tugs at me in my art, my city and my dreams. This quality cannot be defined or even pointed to directly; it can be described only tangentially, and even then only imperfectly, by such words as “alive,” “whole,” “comfortable,” “free,” “exact,” “egoless,” and “eternal.” This quality too, is quite ordinary in that it’s experienced in the common moments and places in life that cling to our memories and remind us that time, our life is passing. And so, this quality is also very poignant.

This way of building—or, in my case, creating—is as much about an organic process as it is about an end product. This end product I want to create is about a mood or feelings more so than accurately depicting the subject itself.

My current work represents this experience of searching for but not yet quite being able to fully attain or express the timeless quality. It’s allusive; ambiguous, just beyond my grasp but yet I feel it fully inside of me which I try to express through mood and mystery using light, color, layers, shapes and forms. Three categories I have focused on are: abstract, landscape, and architectural elements (such as doorways and thresholds.)

With a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Texas Tech University I worked designing stores for Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. I have a love for creating and working with my hands designing 3D objects which are often useful or practical art pieces including woodworking, furniture design and jewelry design. In my current work I am exploring 2D art through various mediums such as oil, acrylics and collage, searching for mood and a sense of place.

Karen was born in Texas, grew up in Kerrville and spent the last 22 years in New York City with an eight year stint in Manchester-by-the-Sea and South Hamilton MA.