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Artist Statement

"I really can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t creating something. This need to create supersedes my need to do almost anything else... like eat, sleep or get my oil changed. It is so amazing to get lost in the process of watching a piece come to life under my brush or pallet knife and then evolve into something I would be proud to show you.

I have worked in a number of mediums from textiles and clay to hand-made papers, only to find out the abstract art form is the arena where I can bring all these forms to one table. I absolutely love getting lost in the colors and textures and all the while I am thinking of you. The most exciting thing about that is, I am wondering who you might be and what would possibly possess you to imagine my art in your most intimate spaces.

I am giddy at the notion that a dance with fate could possibly bring us together, but I know I will be delighted when we meet! Thank you for considering my art as a part of your home or office."

-Katherine Lott



Western Art Collector | Katherine Lott | April 2019

Telluride Daily Planet | Katherine Lott | March 2016