"I love looking at paintings and I love working in clay. This is how my ceramic wall art came about.


Walls are used as a canvas and by merging elements of painting and sculpture, my works intrigue but have a sense of familiarity, they can be described as dimensional paintings or painterly sculptures, some are still while others are more dynamic. They are a blend. Born and raised in New York in a Japanese household, I myself am a blend of cultures. Works are made using basic ceramic processes and techniques, and I deeply respect the extensive, expansive histories and traditions associated with clay, yet I am not bound to them. I gravitate towards abstraction for universal reach and reduction for clarity.  My intent for all works is to encapsulate and emit a sense of life, energy and spirit.  


I have a degree in East Asian Languages & Cultures from Columbia College, Columbia University, a BFA from Alfred University New York State College of Ceramics, and an MFA from Hunter College, City University of New York. I spent a year in Japan on a Fulbright exploring the world of Japanese ceramics while focusing on the avant-garde ceramic group, S┼Źdeisha, and its founder, Yagi Kazuo."