Joseph Toney’s illustrative painting style, marked by clean lines and transfixing patterns, results in beautiful caricatures of the natural surroundings that inspire it: mountains, animals, clouds, and waves. The work of the 27-year-old artist, who is based in Salt Lake City, has been featured on numerous commercial projects and is held in private collections across North America.


By using mountains as motivation, he is able to create intricately detailed drawings and paintings. Toney’s concentric line-style approach becomes contour studies of the landscapes he plays in.


With a camera in tow, he is able to capture images to take back to his studio for further development. Once there, he creates natural depictions of landscapes and works based off of pure feeling. By using line weight, color and patterns, he allows the viewer to explore the image in up close detail that can then visually build into a full landscape.


Some of the initial execution is done freehand while the bulk of his work is executed through what Toney calls ‘Device Drawing’. Using a combination of rulers, French curves, and a makeshift compass he then translates his experience directly onto wood panels. Oftentimes, he finds his next subject matter while ski touring, biking or hiking.