Working both with oil and acrylic, Andrew Brown enjoys pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with mediums, creating depth, texture, and authenticity in his pieces both abstract and representational. After studying under his father, acclaimed artist Gordon Brown, for a number of years, Andrew has found his own distinct style.


He utilizes layering and destruction; building up and knocking down paint to create vivid lines, striking depth, and detailed texture. Andrew further pushes the limits of his art by hand picking the richest pigments and mixing his own paint, giving him the freedom to manipulate the properties of the oil paint itself. Constantly growing and learning, Andrew Brown never limits himself to one process of painting, and aims to further experiment with various techniques in his craft.


“Painting to me isn’t just about the end result. It’s about the process, the chaos, and the ups and downs of creating a final piece of work. Getting out of my comfort zone and breaking down my ego by confronting thoughts like a perfect painting has to be just of the things that draws me back to abstract paintings again and again.”