A native of Hamburg, Germany, Burchard began his career as

a furniture maker. His passion for sculpture brought him to the

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


In 1982 his love for the Pacific Madrone Burl hardwood

prompted the opening of a studio in Southern Oregon. His

sculpture work is highly revered and has been par t of all the

most major woodturning exhibitions for the last 20 years. He

says, "I have been working with wood for most of my life. We are

comfortable with each other, have a close relationship and I

value the connection immensely. I make things out of a deep

urge to create and out of driving curiosity."


Burchard's work is exhibited widely throughout the US. His

pieces are part of many public and private collections. His

current work includes wall sculptures and freestanding sculptural

objects. He is also sought after as a teacher and demonstrator

at craft schools and conferences and related turning events. He

currently resides with his wife in the outskirts of Ashland, Oregon.