Max Strong is an American collage artist based in Montreal. Using items assembled and archived during his travels, he creates intricate cityscapes and abstract works. His rich, multilayered works of assemblage are a meditation on mass urbanization, over consumption and environmental decay. His work has been shown in galleries across the United States and is found in private collections across the world.


I am compelled creatively by a fascination with humanity's relationship with our most complex and crowded urban environments. My creative mission has been molded overtime by countless hours spent exploring cities across the world. What began as a curiosity with Morocco's walled-cities has broadened to focus on our planet's most congested urban spaces. It is within my growth as an artist that I became fascinated by the spontaneous moments of balance and harmony in the most hectic of places, where thousands of human pursuits converge at once in places where the virtue of hard work is not just revered, but paramount to human survival. My works are made from assembled items I’ve gathered and archived throughout my travels. The creative process of assemblage is integral to each piece. Through texture and rhythm my work aims to embody the sensations and feel of dense urban life and human movement. It is a sort of celebration of human achievement and a reflection of my astonishment at the growth of our