I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and have painted all my

life. My passion for interpreting what I saw brought me to my studies at the

California College of Arts & Crafts. There I completed my studies with honors. In

addition, I studied at the Institudio Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It is

this dedication and passion for my art that has allowed my work to grow and

move forward and stay fresh. My work is presently collected and shown nationally.


Whether I am working with a still life, the human figure, or landscape, I am always

fascinated by texture, form and color which I use in expressing how I feel about

what I am seeing. I do not limit myself in what I paint or how I might interpret

what I see. This freedom allows my work to move from representational to

minimalist to abstraction. My work is ever changing, ever challenging and always

a passionate delight. It is always my intention to address the canvas directly,

honestly, and boldly. My heart is always pushing my work to find new language

in expressing what I see and how I feel about it. The result therefore is not just

an intellectual exercise for me, it is being involved in the now; always open for

change and challenge, always evolving.


Exploring color, composition, the quality and attitude of a line, as well as various

materials will always fascinate and be tools for me. It is my goal to draw the

viewer into my space and let them become involved in their own personal journey

and discovery of the work. The ultimate reward for me is to communicate

something new to the viewer even if for just a moment in time.

Painting is my commitment, my passion and my fulfillment.

I am honored by those who find inspiration from my work.