Christopher Warren: Watershed Moments: Exhibition Opening | March 2nd, 5-8pm

Durango based artist, Christopher Warren, will be featured in a solo exhibition at Slate Gray Gallery from February 17th - March 19th. 10% of sales go to Telluride Aids Benefit and the exhibition is also part of a celebration with Telluride Gay Ski Week. Warren's works are topographic maps of regional watersheds made from lasercut wood.

Christopher Warren is a gay artist known for his intricate depictions of topographic landscapes. Born and raised in Durango, Colorado, the rugged beauty of the surrounding mountains and desert canyons sparked his fascination with topography at a young age. Warren's sculptures are a testament to his deep reverence for the natural world and his desire to capture its most captivating features in three-dimensional form. Through his work, Warren invites viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate contours of the earth and contemplate the power and beauty of the natural world.

With this show, the discrete watersheds that are formed by the creeks pouring into the Telluride valley have been simplified and taken into the technicolor realm, abstracting the familiar drainages of Bear Creek, Cornet Creek, Prospect Creek, and others, and turning them into playful forms that bring a new context to the waterways surrounding Telluride. The water that flows into the San Miguel River has carved the breathtaking landscapes that surround Telluride, and this show pays homage to, as well as takes license with, that monumental force.